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Posted 6 days ago

Let's give a hand to August's Service Champion, Uncle Phang! A familiar and endearing friend to all our regulars and friends, Uncle Phang is the heart and soul of our Little Farms store at Valley Point. If you've been to the store in the morning, chances are Uncle Phang would have likely served you! With a cheerful demeanour and always with a smile on his face, Uncle Phang will happily pick out the best Avocado or recommend a refreshing juice! 1. What is something about you that most wouldn't know? I am a film buff! I enjoy going to the cinema and watching all the new blockbuster movies. Don't ask me if I'm team Marvel or DC though, I can't pick a side as I love them both! 2. Do you have any hidden talents? Besides being the best and self-proclaimed fastest packer in the store, I'm also into Feng Shui! I've helped my own home and close family and friends, but if anyone has any questions I'm happy to help! 3. What is your favourite food? My favourite drink at the moment is Emma & Tom's cloudy Apple juice, and the black grapes in stores now are delicious! The apple juice makes for a great drink on a hot day and tastes extraordinary every time. The black grapes are extremely sweet and highly addictive, you won't be able to stop at just one! 4. What is your favourite thing about working at Little Farms? My favourite things are my colleagues and the people that I meet at Little Farms. There are many customers who have become friends, and team members who have become my family. The community here is truly a warm and vibrant one, it's like no other. 5. How would you describe Little Farms customers? They've all been lovely and kind. When I greet them, they usually respond with a warm "Hello!" or "How are you today?". I hope I makes their day a little brighter. 6. What's the one product at Little Farms you think that everyone should try? There's no one item I would recommend. Instead, I would ask them about their dietary needs. Our gluten-free range is extremely unique; you'll find just about any food item that can possibly be gluten-free, which is such a relief for anyone with a dietary requirement. 7. Do you have any unforgettable experiences at Little Farms? During last year's COVID lockdown, while everyone was progressively working from home, we saw an increase in our online orders. We had to work together with our e-commerce team and pack what seemed like an infinite amount of groceries. We made it our mission to step up to fulfil all the orders, and eventually, we did it. It was a great sense of achievement, and it truly bonded our team! Do say Hi to Uncle Phang the next time you spot him! To see more outstanding team members like Uncle Phang, stay tuned and watch this space! #LittleFarms #ServiceChampionAward

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