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Posted 1 year ago

Diaper bag? ✔️ Kiddo? ✔️ Hmm, what’s missing? A mask 😷 Being out and about in Phase 2 might still take some time to get used to. Having your kiddo throw a tantrum outside only makes it harder. Wearing a mask while trying to calm your kiddo down can be frustrating especially when it is difficult to talk through the mask. If you're facing this challenge, here are some tips to help deal with your little buddies' tantrum: 👉 Distract them with a new activity 👉 Lead them to a quie t and safe space to calm down 👉 Talk to them at eye-level and shower them with praises and rewards when they behave well! Tantrums are common and are a way for kids to express their emotions, even more so when they are faced with unfamiliar situations in the new norm. Parenting is a learning curve so remember to go easy on yourself! #DrypersSG #IchooseDrypers

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