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Keep your babies skin at the best condition at all times with Chicco! If we need a proper skincare routine, so do our babies! 💦💦🫧♥️ Why do babies need body lotion? 💙 Dry skin on their faces because their skin is more sensitive than adults. 💙 Newborn skin peeling 💙 Overexposure to water tend to wash away some of the skin’s naturally present oils. 💙 Cool, dry environments - dehydrate the skin very quickly and can lead to breaks in or peeling of the skin. 💙 Use of alcohol-based lotions 💙 Ichthyosis - group of genetic skin conditions that cause peeling and dryness of the skin that is often severe and have scaly-looking skin Chicco cares for your babies. Chicco Singapore: Shopee:

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