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Posted 7 months ago

@odeliayen “岁月 – Time” “I photographed the cotton pads I used on my face and the opened aluminium foil packaging of my medicine for 360 days. These images were printed onto transparencies which were then used to create cyanotypes. The cyanotypes were printed onto waxed papers with natural light. I compiled the traces of oneyear’s rituals into images and hope that in the process, memory is recreated.” “岁月 – Time”, is an autobiographical work on amnesia that unfolds vestiges of everyday rituals. The word ‘everyday’ is a multifaceted structure that informs time, rituals and regimes. Odelia graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2020 with Honours in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts - Goldsmith, University of London. Come discover the works by the Undescribed #6 artists, opening this 20th March 2021. Exhibition lasts till 3rd April 2021. Throughout this 15 days, come say your farewell to DECK’s container arts space before our gates close on the 4th of April 2021.

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