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Posted 4 days ago

[ #BeautyTips ] We all want clear skin and sometimes will go to an extreme extent to get there. But getting better skin is not as complicated as you think. Start by evaluating πŸ’­ whether you are committing some skin-faux pas, that could be hindering you from getting clearer skin πŸ˜€ ! Here are 3 common skin-mistakes you may be committing: 1. Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes Once a Week 🧼 Especially for face-product brushes, washing your brushes weekly is the bare MINIMUM to prevent a buildup of bacteria 🦠 , keeping your skin cleaner. 2. Skipping your daily dose of SPF 🌞 Regardless if its rainy, cloudy or sunny, you definitely need SUNSCREEN to protect your skin from sunspots, skin damage & even skin cancer 😲 3. Picking your skin 🀏 Many of us do this unintentionally but constantly picking at your skin can cause skin to be inflamed, irritated and spread bacteria Are you committing these skin-crimes?

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