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Posted 7 days ago

Neighbours by chance, friends by choice. Mr Osman, 69, has been living in Marine Parade for two decades and is a volunteer with Marine Terrace Breeze Residents’ Committee (RC). When the RC was informed of 76-year-old Mr Hamza’s plight, Mr Osman stepped forward to help. Eight months ago, Mr Hamza fell ill and had to leave his job as a coffee shop assistant. Dependent on a urinary catheter and unable to travel long distances due to his condition, Mr Hamza is thankful to Mr Osman as he cannot make the journey to the vaccination centre on his own. Having to take a bus and push Mr Hamza in a wheelchair past slopes, it was a test of strength for a man of Mr Osman’s age. One of the wheels even gave way before they reached the venue but he remained determined. Having a caring nature is not his only admirable trait, Mr Osman is also a devoted family man. Mr Osman reveals that his 22-year-old granddaughter, diagnosed with brain cancer, is currently hospitalised. To earn more family income, he is now returning to work after five years. As a RC volunteer and block representative, he takes it all in his stride and shares that he will continue to volunteer whenever time permits. He candidly says, “I like to make friends. It makes me happy that I can help my neighbours.” Even though they are not related, Mr Osman worries for Mr Hamza. He points out, “I am afraid nobody will know if something happens to him. Mr Hamza has my number and I hope he will remember to call me in the event of an emergency.” To date, Mr Osman also helps out with distribution of meals and lends his support to national initiatives such as the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination outreach efforts. #PeoplesAssociation #ThereForYou

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