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Posted 2 months ago

Featuring 5 of our Grain’s newest cast members in our Meal Plans v2.0. Starting from: Bala's Tabbouleh-tahan Salad (Marshall) - the wholesome, honest and tasty man ... I mean meal plan. Sneaky Buttered Chicken Tikka (Barney) - the snarky, feisty character who's a softy on the inside. Decadent Salmon Cauliflower Rice (Robin) - the eye candy of the show, tender, silky and divine. Moroccan Spiced Tamarind Barramnudi (Lily) - the spunky redhead, rich in flavour and rocking with attitude. Mexican Quinoa Chicken Breast (Ted) - simple, well-assembled and consistent, the dish packed with nutrients. Try these new dishes before they leave the menu next Wednesday (Sep 22). They come chilled. To break the ice and pop them in the microwave for 3 mins to enjoy them at maximum pleasure.

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