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Posted 1 year ago

We all know collagen is the key to keeping our skin firm, young, supple & bouncy, but our skin produces less of it as we age! Loss of collagen leads to issues like fine lines, wrinkles & saggy skin. 😥 That’s why many people go for collagen drinks & even collagen steamboat, in hope of replenishing this key protein. But is it true that eating collagen does not benefit the skin at all as it can’t be absorbed by the body? 🤔 According to research, collagen molecules are indeed too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream BUT collagen in collagen drinks is hydrolysed to be small enough to be taken in by the body. So don’t worry & just make sure that the sugar content in your favourite collagen drinks isn’t too high as that can destroy & break down collagen instead! 👌 #collagen #skincare #youngskin #bouncyskin #youthfulskin #healthyskin #skinhealth #glow

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