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Posted 4 days ago

As we ease into Phase 2, we hope you’ve been keeping safe when you’re out during this period of time! ⁣ It took us awhile to get used to the new normal of what we have to carry with us and we found having a pouch to be super helpful so that we don’t forget our hand sanitizers, wet wipes and a spare reusable mask just in case. 😉 ⁣ Check out our favourite hand-woven pouches from Green Gaea ! They’re made in Guatemala using traditional indigenous Mayan methods and are extremel y versatile. We store our daily essentials in them and depending on the day, they can either be a pouch or a clutch! (Yes, this is another one of our favourite multi-use products!)⁣ What are your daily essentials when heading out these days? Share them with us! 🤗

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