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❤ Think pink for Valentine's Day! ❤ Did you know that about 80% of your immune system originates in the gut? It’s essential for us to build a strong digestive system full of good bacteria to support good health. By adding more fermented drinks and foods into our diets we are putting in place the foundations. Our Kefirs are essentially a fermented drink made from live cultures of friendly bacteria/probiotics and yeast, creating a tasty gut-loving beverage that could help optimise your gut health from the inside out! Water kefir contains an abundance of live cultures (probiotics)! Health benefits: ✅ Due to the beneficial bacteria, kefir is helpful for the immune system and supports a good bacterial balance in the gut ✅ Kefir has been shown in studies to improve bone mass, linked to preventing osteoporosis ✅ Water kefir is full of live active cultures, which are linked to creating serotonin, supporting mental health ✅ Low in sugar and won’t spike blood sugar levels or feed those sugar cravings! ✅ The fermentation process release additional vitamins and minerals ✅ And its delicious! Naturally sparkling, its dubbed the new healthy fizzy drink and makes a great alcohol alternative! Purearth Life Limited #supernatureorganic #Supernature #kefir #purearth #probiotics #waterkefir

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