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Posted 1 year ago

One of the origins you’ll currently find on the bar is - Adado, our latest Washed Ethiopian origin. In the specialty coffee world, traceability is paramount. While we can't trace to the specific villages and producers now, we are optimistic for the near future of Adado producers as cooperatives are becoming the norm for Ethiopia's coffee-growing regions. Coffee cooperatives can deal directly with farmers outside of the ECX and export to an international market, allowing for complete traceability. We look forward to the day we can source this Adado coffee again and trace it back to the exact village or even a single farmer. This Adado lot boasts marmalade notes in sweetness and flavour. The ripe fruit flavours accompany citrus and floral notes that combine delightfully in the cup. This coffee's flavour profile stands out as a micro-region of Yirgacheffe and can easily compete with other iconic Ethiopian regions. #greatcoffeeincommon #commonmancoffeeroasters

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