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Posted 2 months ago

📢 PRESENTING: The No-Cry Picky Eater Solutions – How Picky Eating could impact kids’ developments and how to mitigate it. . Have a picky eater at home? Join us this livestream as we share about tips and tricks on how to deal with your picky eater! . How can you make sure your child is still consuming the correct about of nutrition and still having great gut health even with their picky eating habits? . KOM Evelyn, who is a mom of a 3 year old, will be sharing how Biostime can be easily incorporated into your child’s meals with 3 simple home made recipes, perfect for the picky eaters! . Dr Dave, a paediatrician, will also be joining us to share how to deal with picky eater and what to look out for when kids are picky eater. He will also be answering Q&A from parents! . Biostime will be running a 25% storewide during the LIVESTREAM! Want to get extra $5 voucher? Sign up here now ! FIRST 100 SIGN UPS ONLY! FASTEST FINGERS FIRST.

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