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Posted 1 year ago

Since the start of COVID-19, a group of doctors under the M³ programme have come together to produce short videos encouraging Malay / Muslim seniors to stay at home, stay healthy and stick to safe distancing advisories. “Because of partnerships with M³ and People’s Association (PA), our videos reach a bigger audience and wider spectrum of people,” shares Dr. Fadzil, a long-time volunteer and sport and exercise medicine specialist. “With such a platform, we can better engage, educate and empower residents, using in-depth messages to reach out to different groups of people,” he explains. “To me, volunteering with M³ provides an avenue to do what I’ve always done in my clinic on a much larger scale,” says Dr. Elly, a family physician and general practitioner. “The pandemic was an instant catalyst for us to shift online. Because of safe distancing measures, we had to change the way we share information and tap onto social media to distribute health advisories, promotion and the latest updates.” Despite the restrictions of COVID-19, Dr. Fadzil sees the silver linings. “I have always preferred face-to-face interactions, but I have now learnt the advantage of using technology in communicating,” he laughs. “Without face-to-face interaction, we have to rethink how to deliver our messages through online means, in creative ways that could capture the audience’s attention. It also forced us to innovate when reaching out to different communities – some of whom weren’t tech-savvy, or had no wifi or smartphones,” he recalls. To Drs. Elly and Fadzil, the unity shown by residents and organisations has been the most gratifying part of the process. “The best outcomes come from collaboration and consistent effort from everyone. Together, we managed to develop a new social and physical environment to operate in the new norm more effectively and fruitfully,” says Dr. Elly.

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