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Posted 6 days ago

【Omi Cha】 How’s everyone doing? It’s time for third post on our Koka City series! Omi area in Shiga Prefecture is considered by many as the birthplace of Japanese tea and among Japan’s five major tea producing regions, Koka City is well known for having one of the finest Japanese teas. Legend has it that long ago, a Japanese monk brought back tea seeds from China and started cultivating it fastidiously. Since then, Omi Tea has been cultivated and handled with utmost care. Japanese tea has the following benefits: ① Helps to maintain healthy skin ⇒ Tea is rich in vitamins ② Helps to fight against ageing ⇒ The catechins in Japanese tea acts as an antioxidant that helps suppress the production of active oxygen Check out the link below for more details on Japanese tea Koka City is located at the southernmost tip of Shiga Prefecture. Having roughly 80% of its land covered by forests and farmland, Koka offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience with an abundance of nature. Explore the beauty of nature in Koka during your next visit to Japan! We look forward to welcoming you here! Check out our previous posts ⇒

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