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Posted 6 days ago

With Double Masters on the horizon, we know lots of you are looking forward to twice the fun in your boosters. Why settle for twice, when you can have as much as 8 times the excitement, all from the safety and comfort of your own home! Grey Ogre Games is proud to bring you our very own GOG Box Breaks, starting with Double Masters. No longer will you have to crowd at the counter, or awkwardly watch from behind others as you maintain social distancing. Just pick a color, put o n your lucky undergarment(s), and watch as the GOG team breaks the mythics you desire! Join now at: [FAQ] What is a Box Break? Cards in a box are broken down into different categories (ie. colors), and individual participants can choose which spot they would like to purchase, subject to availability. What do I get when I pick a color? You get everything in your chosen color including foils. Artifacts are brown, and multicolored cards considered gold for these purposes. You may also opt for lands, should you be banking on those. How do I join? Simply comment on the post with the COLOR NAME you want from that break. With each box, the price for each color differs, so pay attention to the handy infographic to maximize your value! How do I know if I got the color of my choice? We will indicate in your comment with a ( πŸ‘ ) if you get the color of your choice, or ( 😒 ) if you don't. After a πŸ‘ confirmation, you will need to make payment within a stipulated time. Once you have done so, you will have purchased that color for that box break. Failure to make payment within the stipulated time will result in forfeiture of the chosen color, possible future sanctions, and will pass to the next interested party. How do I know what cards I got from the break? All breaks will be streamed LIVE and recorded, so you can always find what you got from the break on your own time, or even share the hype with your friends! When can I get the cards? All cards from the break will be sorted, packed and ready for collection/shipping the next working day. I don't live in Singapore, but this seems like fun. How do I join in? Participants from outside Singapore are welcome to join us, PM us for details! Lucky undergarments sold seperately Join our box break group for some lucky colors and fun: Grey Ogre Games Box Break

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