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Posted 1 year ago

I am very pleased to be a panel speaker with Chong Su Lee during the upcoming Healthy Mums, Healthy Kids Summit. Chong Su Lee wants you to look good and feel great always. She coaches individuals and corporate teams on achieving optimal wellness for a more energetic, productive and vibrant life. But unlike the typical wellness coach, she goes where others fear to thread. Su Lee wants every single cell in your body to be healthy. That, she believes, is the essence of true health. Armed with a degree in Chemistry and a career in the chemical industry that spanned over more than two decades, Su Lee has the expertise to validate claims that clutters the wellness industries and suss out what really works. It was her own desire to achieve peak health that got her digging into serious scientific journals and eventually led her to become a wellness coach. Her greatest testimony to a well-informed healthy lifestyle was her surprisingly rapid recovery from a critical dengue hemorrhage fever in 2006. Today, she offers her Metabolic Health Transformation programme to anyone who has done-it-all-before and still remains unhealthy. This science backed evidence based programme , that has transformed more than 100,000 people, help clients to learn a long term healthy lifestyle that results in fat lost as a side effect.

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