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Posted 1 year ago

Thank you everyone for tuning in yesterday for our 桃课 LIVE Series #4! As promised, our recipe for Snowskin White Lotus Paste with Macademia Nuts here 🥮 😋 Prep: 20mins Cook: 20mins Total: 40mins Servings: ~30 Snowskin Mooncakes Ingredients: • 110g Sugar • 600g water • 100g Pandan Leaf • 100g Melon Seeds • 200g Macadamia Nuts • 600g White Lotus Paste • 300g Glutinous Rice Flour • Some rice flour • 110g Salted Butter • Mooncake mould (60g) Mooncake filling Instructions Step 1: Fry/Roast Melons seed and macadamia nuts for 20 minutes (at 150 degrees) until crispy. Step 2: Mix Roasted Melon seeds, Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste together and roll into small balls of 30g each. Snow Skin Instructions Step 3: Add Pandan leaves and sugar in boiling water for 30mins. Remove the Pandan Leaves and set aside Pandan stock in fridge. Step 4: Mix 600g of Pandan water, Glutinous Rice Flour and Butter in a bowl and set aside for 20 minutes. Instructions Step 5: Extract 30g of Mooncake filling balls and wrap it with 30g of Snow Skin mixture from Step 4. Step 6: Fit Mooncake balls into the mould Step 7: Prepare to serve

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