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Posted 2 weeks ago

We received some heart breaking news on Monday. One of our adopted dogs – driven to desperation by the anxiety she had felt as a result of the thunderstorm that day – had jumped from the eighth floor of an HDB block! Devastated as we are, we want to remember this beautiful angel who left us way too young. Naomi was rescued from Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve in October 2018 with her 9 puppies Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red and White. We were so happy when we managed to rehome the whole family to 10 wonderful households. Naomi was adopted by a lovely couple in April 2019 who renamed her Xiao Xin. Her pawrents had made sure that all security measures were in place before welcoming Xiao Xin home, and doted on her once she was part of the family. Xiao Xin was all alone at home on that fateful day when the storm started. In her panic, she broke an aluminium window pane and squeezed through the gap leading to the common corridor. She ran down a flight of stairs, clambered over the corridor wall and fell to her death. Despite all the precautions that Xiao Xin’s family took to ensure her safety, this tragedy still occurred. Our deepest condolences to Xiao Xin’s family who are as devastated as we are. We hope the happy memories they have forged as a family can help them through this difficult period. Xiao Xin was very loved by them, short as their time together was. Xiao Xin is not the first dog we have rehomed that fell to her death, but we hope she will be the last. Many potential adopters do not realise that a storm could drive a dog to such desperate measures thus they do not understand our strict policies on grilles and security. They feel we are making a big fuss over nothing. “Surely dogs won’t jump out of the window,” they would say. The unfortunate thing is we know from experience that dogs, when driven by anxiety, can exhibit very extreme behaviour. Sometimes these anxieties manifest themselves after a while, and our prescribed security measures, if kept to, will help to keep the dogs safe. Dear Xiao Xin, you were the perfect dog and a loving and caring mummy to your puppies. There are no storms where you are now. Run free and we will meet again one day!

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