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Posted 8 months ago

We say goodbye to the frosty plane of Kaldheim, the nostalgia-driven visit to the plane of Time Spiral: Remastered (#tbtsr), and the March holidays, and welcome the five hous...colleges of Strixhaven! We've not left your class seating and partners to the luck of the sorting ha...draw, and have bundled prerelease kits as well as commander decks in a fashion that will ensure that every student gets their chance. We expect the bundles, much like recess, to be a little delayed, and are eagerly awaiting word from our distributors, like a student awaits the period bell. What we can confirm is that the brand new sleeves will be given away, 1 pack per preorder of a set booster box. The designs will be assigned randomly, but we'll do our best to ensure customers don't receive duplicate designs. School reopens officially on the 23rd of April, with our brand new adjunct teacher, Ms. Nalaar, but you can get ahead of the rest of your peers by placing preorders today! Preorders for all Strixhaven product can be placed via our website, at the preorder section of the page, found at: https://www.greyogregames/collections/preorders For those of you who would rather not read while seeking your education: Strixhaven STX Prerelease Kit Bundle Preorder: Strixhaven STX Set Booster Box Preorder: Strixhaven STX Commander Decks Preorder:

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