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Posted 2 weeks ago

As we gear up for the New Year festivities, it's crucial to stay vigilant amidst the celebrations. Alongside the delicious treats and heart-warming reunions, be cautious of potential scams that might lurk in the guise of irresistible deals. Protect yourself and your loved ones with these tips to #FendOffFraud during the Chinese New Year: 1) Items on sale with steep and unlikely discounts are likely to be scams. Research similar items in the market to see if the deal is too good to be true. 2) Make payment through reputable online platforms and never send funds directly to a seller before receiving your items. If a seller requests you to download an app from an unofficial source to make payment, this is also an indication of a scam. Remember, only download apps from official app stores such as Google Playstore or Apple App Store. 3) Look for legitimate sellers who have successfully made many sales and have good reviews by satisfied customers. 4) Remember to check the return policies and warranties of the online platform you are considering from before making any purchase. All reputable online platforms will have clear return policies to help give you greater peace of mind. Our hotline will also be open during this festive season so if you notice any fraudulent activities, be sure to report it. #HSBCSG #bankingsecurity #onlinebankingsecurity #cybersecurity #safebanking

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