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Posted 1 year ago

[ FEB & MAR PROMO: Ehime Fresh Ponkan Sour ] The Ehime Prefecture has partnered up with Takara Shuzo to bring a limited Ehime Fresh Ponkan Sour! The Ehime Ponkan has been blessed by its surrounding nature of the Seto Inland Sea and in this collaboration, it will be concocted with Takara Jun Shochu to create an original beverage served exclusively at Ginza Lion in February and March. TRY IT NOW! Ehime Fresh Ponkan Sour - $16.80 Non-alcoholic Ponkan Cocktail - $12.80 ●What is Ponkan? Ponkan is a kind of citrus which has a rich sweet flavor and scent. Its peel can easily be removed by hand and easy to eat. ●About Ehime Ehime is citrus kingdom! Ehime is one of the leading producers of mandarin oranges thanks to the mild climate, fertile soil and three types of sunshine (direct sunrays, rays reflected from the surface of the sea and rays reflected off). Ehime is also known for other citrus fruits such as Iyokan orange, Beni Madonna, Kanpei and Dekopon.

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