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Posted 1 year ago

Did you know that with the storage of every child’s umbilical cord blood stem cells in the family, it increases the chance of a sibling being a potential match when the need for a transplant arises¹? A study in 2011 has shown that individuals who received cord blood from a sibling donor have a three-year survival rate of 95% versus 61% from an unrelated donor¹. This is also why parents choose to store all their children’s umbilical cord blood stem cells, as it is a precious m edical resource that may one day be a life-saving source of stem cells for the family. Find out how receiving a sibling’s umbilical cord blood stem cells can benefit your baby when the need for a stem cell transplant arises at ! Whether you’re expecting your first child or recently discovered that you’re pregnant again, it is never too late to make this life-changing decision to store your child’s umbilical cord blood stem cells. Click to find out more on why you should plan ahead and secure your family’s future health with Cordlife – a homegrown family cord blood bank with dual international accreditations from AABB and FACT and over 19 years of laboratory management expertise in Singapore. #haveyoucordlife #cordblood #stemcells #cordlifesg #fightforlifesg ¹Ref:

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