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Posted 2 weeks ago

Happy International Clean Air Day! Yes, there is such a day! To commemorate this year's Clean Air Day, here are some valuable information that will help you understand more about air pollution, especially indoors. Indoor air contaminants damage more than respiratory health. Particles such as mould, pollen and pet dander, are easily inhaled and can pass into your bloodstream! Common symptoms include: ✅ Dry eyes ✅ Headaches ✅ Nasal Congestion ✅ Fatigue ✅ Nausea Although it may not seem like a big deal, when exposed, it can create health problems such as: ✅ Asthma ✅ Lung Infections ✅ Lung Cancer What makes it worst is, when these particles enter your bloodstream, it has been associated with stroke and depressions in adults. Whereas it has been shown to increase systemic inflammation, immune dysfunction and neural distress in CHILDREN. This is definitely something you wouldn't want to experience, let alone allow your loved ones to go through. Send this to your family and friends who constantly experience those common symptoms!

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