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The world can be a frightening place for young children, and we can’t protect our children from all of life's disappointment, challenges and setbacks. It is therefore crucial to build up their resilience and the ability to bounce back from adversity.⁠ Some tips for building resilience includes:⁠ 💗 Be a role model⁠ Building your child’s resilience starts with you. Demonstrate emotional awareness and show your children how you use positive emotions to deal with stress and challenges. When parents remain calm and flexible in managing life’s challenges, they’re teaching their children positive ways to handle stress.⁠ 💗 Boost their confidence⁠ Instead of always picking on mistakes, always acknowledge your child’s positive choices or actions. Praise your child’s efforts whenever he performs a task well, no matter how small it is. This helps to reinforce the positive behavior, increase his motivation and build self-​esteem.⁠ Caution: Avoid person-centered compliments like “You’re so smart!”. When a child’s self-worth is pegged to fixed personal qualities such as intelligence, he may feel defeated if he doesn’t excel in certain areas. 😮 ⁠ 💗 Encourage flexible thinking⁠ When your child encounters a real-life problem (such as squabbling with his cousin), always sit down with him to talk about his feelings and teach him how to identify the problem. Let him know there are different positive ways to look at situation. Help to come up with possible choices and encourage him to think of his own solution. Eventually, he will learn to do this on his own.⁠ ⁠⠀⁠ #dearbabyonline #parentingtips #resilientkids #positivethinking #buildingselfesteem #flexiblethinking #praisetherightway #buildingconfidence #positiveparenting #dontsweatthesmallstuff

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