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Posted 2 weeks ago

🦕 Stan has found a new companion! Our freshly unveiled Gallimimus display now graces the Annexe Foyer, proudly standing next to our celebrated Tyrannosaurus Rex. Gallimimus bullatus, the swift and toothless marvel, likely reached speeds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour, rivalling a cheetah 🐆, the fastest land animal alive today. ✨ Be among the first in line to view the new exhibit by registering for our upcoming Science Café, South Polar Dinosaurs and Their Tiny 'Friends': The Art and Science of Piecing Together Prehistoric Worlds! 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 Distinguished palaeontologists Patricia Vickers-Rich and Thomas H. Rich will be present, sharing their profound expertise in the realm of dinosaur fossils and addressing any inquiries that may pique your curiosity. Join us at our Science Café happening tomorrow 15 Sep, 6.30pm, and discover more about the Gallimimus dinosaur here:

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