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Stoked to annouce, #WelcomeSakura is soon to be here! Many PMs were asking to have more information on #WelcomeSakura, let's us share you all the information here! What is #WelcomeSakura? 🌸 A weekly spend and win marketing campaign organised by #KustieMalaysia in conjunction with Sakura season (March - April 2020). How many round in total for #WelcomeSakura? 🌸 There is total of 4 rounds and it's conducted in 4 different weeks with different rewards/ prizes. Only 1 winner will be selected for each round/ week. Round 1: 16-22 March 2020 Round 2: 23-29 March 2020 Round 3: 6-12 April 2020 Round 4: 20-26 April 2020 When #WelcomeSakura start? 🌸 It will effectively start on next week (16 March 2020) and ended at 26 April 2020 How to join #WelcomeSakura? 🌸 1. Purchase accordingly with the set requirement and selected shop channel only. 🌸 2. Whatapps FULL NAME, IC, COURIER ADDRESS, RECEIPT to Kustie Malaysia at 016 942 6520 What's the reward/ prize for #WelcomeSakura? 🌸 We will announce by tonight 8pm (Catch up!) #Kustie #KustieMalaysia #ShowerWithRealFlowerPetals #RedQuay #PowerOfFlower #WelcomeSakura #KustieMsiaWelcomeSakura

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