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Going through high-temperature roasting of tea leaves, it removes all bitterness and give its unique bold natural sweet undertones. Suitable for people who have restriction on caffeine intake such as children and elderly to enjoy the same healthy properties of Sencha too! ⠀ Packed with high amounts of L-Theanine helps to reduce mental and physical stress, which encourages relaxation in an alert state of mind. Regular consumption also helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels d ue to its high in antioxidants.⠀ TSUJIRI Tea Selections are packaged in convenient tea bags for no fuss, just gorgeous tea on the go. Tea leaves are gathered from Yame city, Fukuoka which is known for its top-quality cultivation and processing, being one of the largest tea production in Japan. Store tea in a dry, cool dark place to eliminate the effect of heat and light, and in a tight container to prevent contamination by odors. ⠀ To have Houjicha delivered to your doorstep ➡️ Shop online

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