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Take a relaxed cup of Sencha green tea and enjoy the moment of tranquility for yourself! 🍃 ⠀ TSUJIRI always aim to produce great tea from tea leaf to tea cup, a pleasure of authentic tea, defining truly what good tea is as compared to the bottled variety found in convenience stores. 🙂 ⠀ TSUJIRI Sencha provides an earthy sweet aftertaste which is both delicious for hot and cold. 🍃 ⠀ Having rich in flavonoids antioxidant helps reduce risk of chronic diseases and cancers, proper ties of L-theanine and being sugar free lowers sugar intake level which promotes weight loss.⠀ TSUJIRI Tea Selections are packaged in convenient tea bags for no fuss, just gorgeous tea on the go. Tea leaves are gathered from Yame city, Fukuoka which is known for its top-quality cultivation and processing, being one of the largest tea production in Japan. Store tea in a dry, cool dark place to eliminate the effect of heat and light, and in a tight container to prevent contamination by odors.⠀ To have Sencha delivered to your doorstep ➡️ Shop online

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