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Posted 2 months ago

NUK Signature Soother - Shaped by nature ,designed with love. The NUK Signature Soothers’ response to this natural need of babies innate desire to suck . It is modelled on the shape of a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds, as it promotes healthy oral development. Because it is proven that natural sucking also helps to develop important abilities such as the correct way to swallow, chew and then speak. The NUK Signature Soother orthodontic baglet is thin and narrow that fits well into little mouths , reduces pressure on the jaws and teeth. Flat and smooth underside gives the tongue enough space for natural sucking movements and pleasant feeling. Now the ever-popular Signature Soothers has a wonderful new look, making that little face look even cuter. It even comes with luminous effect on the soothers that radiate a soft glow in the dark and can be found quickly and easily even at night. NUK soothers are 100% made in Germany and are BPA -free . #nuksoothers #nukorthodontic #nukoraldevelopment #nuklazadaofficialstore #nukshopeeofficialstore

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