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Posted 1 year ago

The colors of composting What comes to your mind when you hear the word compost? Most people tend to think about trash or waste, while we think about in terms of nutrients and sustainability. Think of compost as a healthy meal for your soil life – those worms and microbes that do the actual work of turning your waste into dark, rich compost. Composting microbes can’t only live on grass clippings. They need both green and brown ingredients.And to create a good compost you nee d a diverse range of materials. Benefits of Composting Nutrients: Compost creates rich hummus, providing nutrients to your soil. Cost Effective: Composting is a free way of recharging your soil and adding extra nutrients. Recycling Waste: Diverts 30% of household waste away from the landfill. Microorganisms: Microorganisms that are found in compost, help keep away plant diseases as well as help aerate the soil. Environmentally Friendly: Composting is an environmentally friendly alternative to store bought fertilizers. #composting #blackgold #foodforplants #growrealfood #sustainability #sustainablefarming #Farmilysg #wormcomposting #nutrientdensevegetable #soilismyasset

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