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Posted 5 months ago

Most people would know who Charlie’s angels are, but we believe that Pinto’s angels are worth knowing too. Pinto would have been yet another stray dog found dead on the streets but luckily for him, he had some angels watching out for him. Pinto was a stray in an industrial area. One day, he was hit by a truck and went into hiding. His first angel was his feeder who found him behind a container. He seemed paralysed and was very frightened. She contacted us and we managed to secure him and send him to a specialist clinic. The vet said that Pinto’s pelvis and spine were badly damaged and he was hospitalised for 3 weeks. There, more angels took care of him till he was better. They had some good news for us too, he seemed to be able to feel sensation in his lower limbs and tail, and there seemed a possibility that he could regain mobility despite his severe injuries. After his hospitalisation, we brought him back to the shelter but he shut down completely while there. He seemed to have lost all will to live and was not doing well at all. Luckily another angel, Jeffrey Karen Leong, stepped in to help as a fosterer. In her comfortable home environment, he started to perk up a bit. Pinto’s hospital bills came up to about $6000, and that was when another angel came into Pinto’s life. One of our adopters, Felicia Kaw reached out to us. She offered to hold a virtual Zumba class on Vesak Day, and she helped to raise $3337.50 for us! With the funds raised by Felicia, we started Pinto on hydrotherapy and physiotherapy and his mobility has improved. In fact, he can now even scamper on 3 legs! The kind angels at Optimus Animal Rehabilitation also offered us discounted rates to help Pinto regain his mobility. Under his fosterer’s care and with the rehabilitation, Pinto is now able to zoom in and out of Karen's apartment onto the patio. Pinto’s life has made a huge turnaround. The work of many angels transformed him from a dog left immobile and traumatised after an accident, to the determined survivor he is today. Words cannot express our gratitude to the many who have helped Pinto and our dogs get their Second Chance at Life. The stories we share here on this platform is a testament to your kindness and generosity over the years. Pinto's rehabilitation is an ongoing and, at times, uphill battle as we have to deal with set backs and the occasional regression but we have always promised our rescues that we will never give up on them, and we thank you for not giving up on them as well! You can read more about Pinto in our previous post at

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