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AVOIDING CERTAIN FOOD TO PROTECT YOUR HEALTH IS NOT WEAKNESS. IT IS WISDOM Inflammation is a common occurrence in autoimmune cases. While most natural food are generally beneficial to a healthy body, specific food types should be avoided for those with autoimmune symptoms. To reduce inflammation, there is no one food that makes your diet anti-inflammatory. The complex body needs a combination of certain nutrients and antioxidant contents to work together. At the same time, th...ere are specific foods to avoid. Here are the suggested top 5 to avoid: ❌ Dairy ❌ White sugar ❌ Yeast ❌ Wheat gluten ❌ Nuts and seeds Milk, cheese, nuts (including peanut butter spreads), bread, biscuits, cakes are conveniently available food that should not be taken if autoimmune symptoms are present. Based on some observational studies, dairy has been linked to increased inflammation and certain inflammatory conditions like acne. Milk and dairy products contain many important nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, protein, including saturated fats. While saturated fat may not be the cause of inflammation, it is a likely cause of worsening the inflammation. However, more than 90% of east Asians are lactose intolerant. Interestingly, dairy remains a controversial product these days. For those with medical conditions, doctor’s advice is to be sought before embarking to avoid the above suggested food.

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