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Posted 3 years ago

It is the start of another week helping folks with their health needs. There were an exceptional number of folks battling with cancer last week. The current opinion of what causes cancer is 70% attributed to lifestyle, 20% environmental and only 10% to genetics. I find this to be true because if folks are persuaded to change their lifestyles, then it changes the downward trajectory of their sickness and turns them back towards life and health. Cancer is the number one killer in the land. Currently one in three person will die from cancer and this may increase over time to 50% of mortality. The first step is to stop making cancer cells by correcting some of your lifestyle choices. The second step is to prevent cancer cells from growing by removing everything in your life that is steroidal. Only after cleaning up can we move to the third step of getting cancer cells to self-destruct by apoptosis. The ultimate goal of ending cancer is not to kill cancer cells but for all cancer cells to commit apoptosis or cell-suicide. Every day because of the high inflammatory environment that we live in, we make some cancer cells. So it is a good idea to daily adopt a diet that helps to remove these bad cells. That is why my favourite breakfast is organic rolled oats that is cold soaked overnight or even a few days. It was from the research by Dr A Shamsuddin, MBBS, PhD. on cancer at the University of Maryland that clued me in on what was inside the fibre of whole grains and beans. It is what is inside the fibre that is important and not the fibre itself. I met Dr Shamsuddin when he was invited twice to speak in Singapore by the National Cancer Center. So if your life depends on it then download and read the free eBook by Dr Vanderlinden and Dr Vucenik called “Too Good Too Be True” at If you find reading the book too much, then start with Page 118 and read the testimonies of real folks who beaten cancer. This book talks about just one of the important natural weapons for preventing cancers. There is more. Prevention is better than cure. Prevention is also a kind of cure.

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