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Posted 5 months ago

F.Ar.M concept aims to engage communities in the heartlands in F.Ar.Ming in marginalised spaces using modern technology. F.Ar.M is an acrynome which stands for: F - engaging the communities in Farming and Composting in the heartlands Ar - stands for Architecture or build environment. The F.Ar.M is located in marginalised spaces in the heartlands. M - stands for Modern technology which powers the F.Ar.Ms in the heartlands. Our aim is to meet the UN sustainable goals, namely Food Resilience (UN Goal 2), Food Waste (UN Goal 12). Green Spaces (UN Goal 11) and Carbon Emissions (UN Goal 13). Our Vision for F.Ar.M concept is to: Encourage community engagement in F.Ar.Ming and composting by planting a F.Ar.M in every corner in the Heartlands to achieve Zero Food Waste. Our Mission for F.Ar.M concept is to: To save 20 tonnes of foodwaste in 2 years from 100 F.Ar.Ms in Singapore. F.Ar.Mers in the Heartlands is a groundup Initiative to help us materialise our Vision for F.Ar.Ms in the heartlands in Singapore. The objectives of F.Ar.Mers in the Heartlands is to: 1) Build a strong community of like-minded F.Ar.Mers in farming and composting in the heartlands 2) Equip F.Ar.Mers with necessary skills to build and manage the F.Ar.M 3)Give back to the community with the harvest from the F.Ar.Ms. Please like and follow us on Youtube and our social media:

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