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Batik Tiga Negeri Batik is a textile art from the Nusantara archipelago where patterns are formed through repeated process of applying dye-resisting agent (e.g. wax) and colours on a piece of cloth. Among the many beautiful batik artworks, Batik Tiga Negeri (Batik of Three Kingdoms) is a legend, the most expensive and exquisite textile sought after by fine collectors. This single piece of cloth "traveled" to three different specific batik towns in Indonesia known for their superior signature colours, resulting in an exceptional piece of art. Are you curious about... 1. What the three colours are and what the different motifs represent? 2. How Batik Tiga Negeri has become one of the most highly prized batik art? 3. How the artisans preserve the heritage yet keep up with the modern world of fast fashion? Join Us on 25 Jan, 7pm at The Green Collective! Talk is free of charge! Join us in this New Year special talk by Tony Sugiarta from Anerdgallery and embark on a visual journey to the lands of Batik Tiga Negeri. Witness the transformation of this motif throughout the years and be introduced to the artisans who made them. Tony will also share the fun moments and human stories when leading a group of art enthusiasts last December on a trip to the three batik towns, tracing the journey of this textile legend. An added bonus: he will give some tips how to rock your batik this Chinese New Year and how to care for your batik collections, all while chatting and mingling over traditional light bites. About the speaker Tony Sugiarta is a researcher/writer with focus on travel, arts and culture. In 2016, the ex-pharmaceutical research scientist embarked on a batik discovery journey, visiting different batik towns across Indonesian archipelago to learn deeper about the craft. Inspired by the rich heritage, the human stories and the interesting intersection of arts and science, in June 2017, Tony established in aNERDgallery, the first Singapore-based art platform specializing in textile arts with a focus in Indonesian batik. The mission is simple: to connect artists and communities to decode and to understand the culture, technological development and historical significance of these ancient art techniques.

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