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Posted 3 years ago

Christmas Fair + Santa hours away! Learn about the natural and organic products direct from a FARM VENDOR before coming over to Cluny Court! Natural and organic products direct from an organic farmer as follows: • No-Poo Head to Toe Wash: A whole body wash that is only made of water, limes, leaves and nothing else. It contains no chemicals, no preservative, no SLS, SLES or Parabens. Just real and pure gift from Mother Earth infused with the true essence of natural refreshing essential oil. Use it as hair shampoo, conditioner or body wash for a soft, silky, smooth and healthy hair and skin. • Soap-Free Anti-Tick Pet Shampoo: Allow your best friend to feel the magic of Mother Nature. This 100% chemical free soap-free pet shampoo consists of only water, herbal leaves, and limes. With no other added chemicals, this shampoo does not foam and is great for anyone with sensitive skin or with tick or lice while promoting healthy hair and skin. • Jasmine Rice Facial Mask: Let the true natural beauty shine with something as simple as rice. Rice is used for centuries as skincare in Thailand. Its soothing and healing property not only helps with wrinkles and skin tone, it also helps absorb excess oil, brighten the skin and restore the beautiful skin you once have. • Mung Bean Powder Face and Body Cleanser: This no-poo wash is long used in India instead of soap. It gives the body and face a little scrub while making your skin feel nice and clean after wards. The powder will absorb dirts and excess oil while the scrub will stimulate the blood flow and clean at the deeper level. • Cold Pressed Sesame Oil: This cold pressed sesame oil is long used in India for massage. Yet, it can be absorbed in the skin within 10 seconds and hence is great as moisturizer or even small cuts and wounds as it is antiviral and antibacteria the common cause of skin infection. Apart from that, you can aply it as sunscreen before going out. • Kaffir Lime Essential Oil: Refresh your mind with organic Kaffir Lime Essntial Oil. This fruit looks ike a brain hence it helps with brain function. It is very uplifting to the mood and helps with concentration. Apart from that the strong smell can repell insects and clear off the nasal passage.

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