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Posted 1 year ago

People actually spend an average of 2 years in their lifetime doing makeup! Sounds incredulous? 😟 Think about it, if you just spend 10 mins each day putting on your makeup, and another 10 at the end of the day to remove it, it adds up to 124 hours of time per year! Not to forget, makeup can cause skin issues like clogged pores, dry/oily skin, wrinkles and acne when not used/removed properly! 😢👉 So make sure to choose the right makeup that suits your skin, and always double cleanse (NEVER go to sleep with your makeup on)! Hey, want an easier way out? Why not just get natural, flawless skin and go makeup-free every day? Our award-winning anti-ageing treatments can help you out with that! 🥰✨💬 DM us your name and contact number today for a $48nett trial. Visible results in just 90 mins! 😉 #victoriafacelift #antiageingskincare #facial #facialtreatment #makeup #naturalskin #skinconfidence #EGF #collagen

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