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Posted 2 weeks ago

Pastel art is somewhat underrated in Singapore, despite its tactile nature, which encourages artists to feel the textures of the pastels on their fingers and express their creativity directly onto the surface. Despite the messiness, there’s a certain satisfaction in witnessing the explosion of colors and the gradual formation of pictures as the movement of the palm shapes them. We’re grateful to Monica Lim @artpandemicsg for providing the vision and guidance that leads participants toward creating immensely rewarding artwork. We hope that this event will further Monica Lim’s vision to support underprivileged children and women aided by @hagarsingapore. During our exploration, we delved into the hard, soft, and extra soft pastels by Koh-I-noor, a Czech manufacturer renowned as one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of art supplies, writing equipment, and stationery. Founded in 1790 by Joseph Hardtmuth of Austria, Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth a.s. has made a lasting impact on the artistic world. Interestingly, the same factory is now utilized by Cretacolor, which explains why Cretacolor offers a subset of products from the original producer. We also discovered that Pastelmat by @clairefontaine_world is a remarkable addition to the pastel world, as it allows for repeated layers of pastels to be held tightly with a firm grip, eliminating the need for fixative, which can darken the drawing. Join our community of color pencil and pastel enthusiasts for our upcoming meet on June 8th.

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