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πŸ”₯ In times of uncertainty, once our basic needs like toilet paper are met, people tend to look for protection and security. ➑ And for the unprepared, they usually ask the more prepared guys (like you all); "Hey what do you recommend we get to be a bit more prepared for emergencies?" In USA they're buying guns, in Singapore an easy tool to recommend is a basic flashlight. Something that isn't too expensive, that they can buy for the whole family. The Nitecore MT2A is one such light. Used for backup and personal security all over the world. It's slim, discreet and powered by 2xAA batteries for 2 hour 15 minutes runtime on max brightness. 345-lumen brightness is more than enough to blind someone in a dark alley for you to escape. If that doesn't work, it's also long enough to be used as a self-defense stabbing or hooking tool when held in a hammer fist style beside your head. Multiple uses all rolled into one waterproof package. And that's what makes this the most recommended AA light that won't break the bank. Save even more when you order in bulk to get your friends and family equipped. Click here to order with coupon code 'mt2a20' and get a HUGE 20% off ➑ P.S. As usual, this comes with our bulletproof 5-year warranty. If it doesn’t perform as you’d expect, just return everything within 60 days for a full refund. If you have any questions just comment and we'll get to it. Stay safe everyone.

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