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Posted 2 years ago

A 21 days detox and weight management solution. Today’s fast pace society sets us wanting to pursue things faster including our daily meals, eg. easy-to-fix food filled with preservatives and chemicals. With a buildup of these chemicals, it can cause our body to operate less efficiently than it was supposed to, especially when it comes to weight loss. Drastic weight loss can cause weight gain with vengeance. Crash diet, drinking little water, and using laxatives can potentially damage our health, resulting in temporary weight loss and a weaker body. At Body Inc, we recognize that detox and nutrition is key to better weight management. Our signature, 2OneReset® Detox Program is a 21-days detox course which targets to reset your metabolism, improve health and provide long-lasting weight loss results. A 21 days cycle also typically offers optimal results without any drastic sudden changes to your body. Every 2OneReset® comes with 5 health supplements, 21 days diet guide, pill box and a travel pouch. Supplement includes: - Vitality Boost to improve your energy level for the day and better sleeping quality at night. - Digestive Boost to improve your digestive system for optimum nutrients absorption. - Detox Cleanse to deliver the best result in weight reduction for a healthier body by detoxifying the toxins out of our body. - Clinc, the blood vessel scavenger, cleanse toxin and reduce blood clots, improve blood circulation for nutrients to be effectively delivered. - Ultra Omega to aid repair and restore cells and tissues to a good state. Accompanied with a comprehensive diet guide, it also helps to provide a better understanding of your body and how to enjoy a balance lifestyle while indulging in good food but yet remain healthy. For more information about 2OneReset® Detox Program here: Shop here:

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