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Federico Fellini made LA DOLCE VITA 'to take the temperature of an ailing society, a society that has every appearance of running a fever'. Fella didn't just take the temperature, he made it even hotter. Upon its release in 1960, the Vatican tried to ban LA DOLCE VITA, while the Italian Left cheered it on for laying bare bourgeois decadence. Women spat on Fellini at its premiere, but Cannes awarded it the Grand Prix. LA DOLCE VITA was indisputably of the moment. (Fun fact: we got the phrase 'the sweet life' and the word 'paparazzi' from this film!) Tickets selling fast, get yours now! LA DOLCE VITA (PG13) One Screening Only at The Projector! 9 June, 4pm 🎟️ ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL 7-16 June 2024 Organised by The Embassy of Italy in Singapore. Sponsored by Triumph and Campari.

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