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Posted 1 month ago

We're so proud to introduce to you Ah Thye, our Service Champion Award winner for September! If you've been to our Holland Village store, you'll experience the warmth and friendly greetings from our team there! First time at Little Farms, don't worry! You can definitely count on Ah Thye to be there and assist you with your shopping list! Here's a bit more about our winner: 1. What is something about you that most wouldn't know? Before working in Little Farms, I had prior experience working in a supermarket too! I used to specialise in the fruits department, so it's really cool that Little Farms has a wide variety of fruits and seasonal produce all year round! 2. Do you have any hidden talents? Not really; however, I am incredibly passionate about groceries and make it my mission to pick out the best Avocado for our customers if they ask! 3. What is your favourite food? I am not a fussy eater, but I am a huge fan of chocolate! The superb selection of artisanal chocolates at Little Farms is very tempting. I like the Tony's Chocolonely range because of what the brand stands for and the delightful flavours! 4. What is your favourite thing about working at Little Farms? Getting to help customers when it comes to choosing the right produce at optimal ripeness or pairing options, makes me really happy! it’s my expertise & especially when they are unsure of what they are looking for. I feel really happy when I am able to help them. 5. How would you describe Little Farms customers? Most of Little Farms Customers are very friendly and nice, which makes working here really happy! 6. What's the one product at Little Farms you think that everyone should try? Our AVOCADOS, of course! In my humble opinion, we have the best avocados in the world! 👍 7. Do you have any unforgettable experiences at Little Farms? Yes, I do. I remember seeing a customer looking quite flustered with a shopping list. I went up to her and asked if I could help her find all the items on the list. I had a short conversation with her, and she shared that the ingredients were for a recipe she was about to attempt. She kept thanking me for helping her since it was her first time here at Little Farms after recently moving to Singapore. I felt a tremendous sense of achievement after this experience. I will always try to look out for anyone who comes to the store who needs assistance. #LittleFarms #ServiceChampionAward #Avocados

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