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Posted 3 days ago

Working with paper backdrops offer so many undeniably great advantages - they are versatile for most shooting spaces, offer endless color options and are among the most cost-effective studio backdrop options available! While you're checking out Savage Universal Corporation 's myriad color choices ( ), here are some basic tips to help you ensure that you have the best experience using these Savage papers: 1. Roll Tight - after each session, roll the pape r back up tightly and evenly to avoid wrinkling. Grab a friend to help with a large roll. 2. Store Vertically - keep your background rolls upright to keep their shape and prevent sag. 3. Socks and Booties - do you know the struggle of an assistant walking across a fresh sweep, leaving a trail of shoe prints all over? Limits marks on the paper by wearing shoe coverings or socks-only when possible. For more timeless tips on working with paper backgrounds, check this out:…/tips-to-remember-when-workin…/

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