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Posted 2 months ago

Includes: Almond Bird’s Nest 200ML Almond Culture Quinoa 240ML Almond Culture Black Sesame 240ML Almond Bird’s Nest regularly will help maintain your body metabolism, as well as boost your immune 💪and digestive systems👄. Oh, and your luminous skin too! Almond culture series (Quinoa & Black Sesame) boost our immunity, clinical studies have shown that Lac-Shield 🛡️ strain strengthens anti-infection capability in the respiratory organ, whereas, prebiotic inulin promotes the growth of good Bifidus bacteria 🦠 to help maintain a healthy digestive system.🏃‍♂️ 🛒Shop here: ⭐Use for 30% off (capped at $5) your first purchase or for 10% off (capped at $100)⭐

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