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Posted 9 months ago

Don't just hear it from us! @qiyunz is done with her HairFix and Plasma Regen Hair Therapy. Hear what she has to say about her #plasmaregensg #hairfixsg #svensonsg journey [Repost] “Can you see my weekend transformation? Swipe to see the before and after difference! 🤭 🤩 A few posts back I shared about my hair troubles and how I am seeking treatments with @svenson_sgnamely Plasma Regen Hair Therapy and HairFix. Today I am here to share more about the treatments and my experienc e. . Plasma Regen Hair Therapy is a device that uses plasma and ultrasound application to sanitise the scalp and stimulate hair growth. 🌱 Because of my bad hair care habits, I have a build up of dirt and dead cells on my scalp (disgusting), creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. 🙅🏻 ♀️ This treatment neutralise bacteria and stimulate the production of collagen for follicle rejuvenation. After one session of Plasma Regen Hair Therapy, my scalp feels less itchy and more refreshed with a minty after-sensation. Of course, for definitive results, more and regular sessions are needed. So how did I achieve that full head of hair over the weekends? . The answer is HairFix – an instant hair enhancement service that attach premium nano-hair developed in South Korea without the use of any adhesive. These synthetic hair weigh 20% of human hair and is 99.9% similar to real hair – so real that no one could tell I had a new crown 👑 👸🏻 consisting a total of 2500 new strands of synthetic hair! Carried out by certified technicians, 4 strands of nano-hair is carefully ‘hand-knotted’ to 1 strand of healthy hair and because it is so similar to real hair, I can dye, blow and style my hair without any inconvenience. My HairFix procedure was split into 2 sessions of about 2/3 hours each but time passed so fast cos I was sleeping most of the time 🛏 💤 😴 >.< It was done on a comfortable inclined chair and my therapist was very gentle. My hair parting is now less obvious and I’ve got more volume on my head. . I did get some enquires about my previous posts talking about the hair treatment that I am currently going through and trying out, so hopefully sharing my experience here will be useful to you! Feel free to PM or comment if you have any questions!” . #svensonsg #plasmaregensg #hairfixsg For more info, head to • loveformakeupnbeauty O • qiyunz #igsg #sgbeauty #sghaircare #haircare #scalpcare #selflove #hairtreatment #hairgrowth #sgblogger #clozette #hairtransformation #sgbeautyblogger

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