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Posted 1 year ago

Today in #KidneyFiles, we discuss another common kidney question: Can kidney stones be dissolved? Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys when your urine becomes too concentrated, allowing them to crystallise and stick together. Kidney stones often form as a result of various causes, such as genetics, obesity, poor diet, side effects of certain supplements, as well as medical conditions like gout and urinary infections. Here’s the thing: Approximately only 5% of kidney stones are dissolvable. The remaining 95% can only be passed out through urination--often painfully--or having to be removed surgically, often through minimally invasive procedures. However, having a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent such occurrences! Kidney stones can be prevented by following an overall healthy dietary, by increasing water intake, and decreasing your salt and meat (protein) intake.

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