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Posted 9 months ago

Do you remember the 1975 movie Jaws and its iconic music? A group of people were invited to watch a 2-minute slideshow of natural landscapes, fauna and flora twice. The first time without sound and the second time with 'shark music' playing in the background. All the participants reported feeling slightly anxious, anticipating some horrible to happen. This experiment shows that what we play in our minds affect our moods. When parents play 'shark music' in their heads, recalling their children's bad behavioural patterns, it usually leads to harsher punishment by the parent on their children. Harsh punishment is counterproductive. It fails to correct the child's bad behaviour. In fact, it more likely harms the child and teaches the child that it is all right to use anger and violence to get others to do what you want them to do. One of the ways to avoid harsh punishment is to recognise your TRIGGERS. This is one of the things covered in our Parenting The Growing Years workshop. The next run of the workshop is happening real soon. So, go to to find out more and to sign up today.

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