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Posted 2 days ago

Now don't lie! We know how most of us are guilty of sticking to the same hair part for months or even years! 😱 Simply put, the longer you wear the same hair part, the more you're weighing your hair down on that side. It may not seem like a big deal but you're actually causing damage to your hair roots. This can lead to a much wider hair part over time and weaker hair prone to breakage. 😟 So make sure to switch up your hair part regularly - every 2 months would be ideal for your hair and scalp! ☺️ Not only that, this is a simple trick to hide and tame those frustrating flyaways and baby hair while giving you a different look every now and then! πŸ‘Œ #hair #haircare #hairparting #hairpart #hairstyle #scalp #scalpcare #haircaretips #haircareroutine #healthyhair #hairideas

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