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Posted 1 year ago

[NEW ARRIVAL] [新商品] ~ MOMOPURI ~ Introducing the new skincare brand MOMOPURI! As lush as freshly-pressed juice, with all the smooth resilience of a perfectly formed fruit. MOMOPURI is inspired by peaches and made for women who want vibrancy and color in their hearts and their look - plus a complexion as plush and touchable as a peach. Make MOMOPURI moisturizing lotion and hydrating gel cream part of your daily routine for skin care for plump and juicy skin as a ripe peach. Contains two beauty ingredients for healthy skin every day Made with lactobacillus and hydrating peach ceramides. Bathe your skin with gentle moisture. Lactobacillus Contains lactobacillus strain EC-12 to help replenish healthy skin flora. It gives your complexion a healthy, beautiful bounce.

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