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Posted 1 year ago

“Sibling Warmth of Life” “Having given birth to our second baby girl; we found out that her sample is a hundred percent match with Elham,” said the father of a young girl who underwent chemotherapy three times and was eventually successfully treated by a stem cell transplant using her baby sister’s umbilical cord blood. Statistics have shown that there is a 60% higher chance of locating a matching cord blood unit within the family versus bone marrow. By storing all your children’s cord blood at birth, your family also will have an increased chance of securing a match within the family¹. Our greatest resource in life – our health – can be secured with cord blood. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the endless possibilities of umbilical cord stem cells as part of World Cord Blood Day 2020. #CordBloodWorthKeeping #haveyoucordlife #cordblood #stemcells #cordlifesg #fightforlifesg #WorldCordBloodDay World Cord Blood Day Source: ¹Ref: Beatty PG, Boucher KM, Mori M, et al. Probability of Finding HLA-mismatched Related or Unrelated Marrow or Cord Blood Donors. Human Immunology. 2000; 61:834-840.

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